Michelle M. Daniel

Author of Get Closer to God: Inspiring Words for Finding Strength in Faith

authorMichelle M. Daniel was motivated to write Get Closer to God after dealing with the loss of her parents. She experienced God’s love and power during her grief, and it is because of her relationship with God that she was able to accept her parents’ deaths and move on. He helped her keep moving, and her attitude slowly shifted from discouragement to praise! He healed her pain, and now her mission is to proclaim his glory as loudly as she can.

Writing this book is Michelle’s vocation. Michelle wants people to know that in the midst of it all God is there and He loves them. In taking steps to draw closer to God, Michelle equips readers with the tools needed to develop a permanent and loving relationship with God. God wants to have a relationship with us. If we do this, He will lift us up. He will come close, and we will find our lives getting richer and fuller each day.

Michelle does speaking engagements educating people how to go about building a friendship with God. She encourages people to stand on God’s love and God’s promises. Michelle is the owner and founder of “God Is Near”, an online ministry sharing her faith with people from around the world. Her objective is to help people find peace, love, faith, and soul strength in God. Michelle is a motivational & inspirational keynote speaker for church groups, and community groups.

Michelle M. Daniel is a full time writer, a wife and a mother.  She lives in Florida with her Family.

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