You are not alone!

If you put faith in God, you can live every day with peace and reassurance.  Putting your faith in God means you believe He will work for your good.  If things don’t turn out as expected, He will catch you and provide for you.  There is peace knowing your Heavenly Father is looking out for you.  If you see a tough day ahead of you tomorrow, just lean on God and shift your worries to Him and your day will be very different.  
God knows you, personally and intimately.  He also has a great purpose for you, and wants you to be happy. Seek your God. Go forward knowing victory is yours. God loves you!!
You will gain more strength over time and have a more successful and peaceful life.  Believe in God’s promise that He will never leave you or forsake you.  God is still faithful. God does have our best interest in mind.  If you truly want guidance and and directions, it’s important to follow God and love Him with all heart. 
If you’re in the wrong track,  you have to wake up one day and want something better for your life now.  Remember that your appearance and your past has nothing to do with who you are as a person-it’s about learning from your mistakes and growing as an individual.

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