He is Risen

Christ is risen from the dead, Alleluia!! 

easterToday we celebrate the greatest moment in humankind’s history, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  Today is a day where everything is new!!  It is a time for beginnings, fresh starts and hopeful things.

Easter is a day of remembrance, renew, rebirth, revive, repair, refresh, restore and rejuvenate.  Today is a day of hope and a new start with God.  Our sins have been paid in full; we have a fresh start in life.  Our past sins are no longer important.  Hope is alive!! Our God is alive!!  He is not dead!! Hallelujah!!

You and I should remember that on this Easter day there is hope for those who are lost; peace for those who are troubled; joy for those who mourn, for your sorrow is just for a moment.

Because of Jesus’ saving death and resurrection, we longer fear death.  This amazing victory over death should affect every aspect of our lives.  First of all, we know that the rewards of this earth are not our ultimate goal.  Our ultimate goal is a personal relationship with God – we should live our lives knowing that the most valuable things are those which bring us closer to our goal.

Easter reminds me that nothing can crush or defeat me, because Christ’s grace is more powerful than all evil.  God loves me – He took my sins to His cross!! All my sins are erased!!  He died for me.  I am blessed and highly favored.

Friends, because of His death, He paid the price for our sins and by believing in Him we can have eternal life.  How has Christ’s resurrection impacted your life?

Thank you Jesus! You are the light and your love has changed the world.  By your grace and mercy we are save and all our sins are forgiven.  The best days are ahead! You are the truth, love and eternal life!!  Amen!!

Happy Easter.  May the joy of today be yours.


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