“Get Closer to God” – happy reading

getclosertogodGet Closer to God: Inspiring Words for Finding Strength in Faith.
by Michelle M. Daniel

Life is journey that is full of many ups and downs, pains and sorrow. More people lost life perspective, faith and trust in God. People have turned away from God! The book“Get Closer to God” is to help bring them back and develop a relationship with God.

The crucial point of the book is to provide inner peace, courage, strength and God’s love not just for those who have lost hope, but also for those who need that one thing that will make them more determined than ever before.

There are times in our lives when we feel down and depress. We feel lost. We need answers, love, peace, comfort, strength and courage! These are the times when we need to read some inspirational words of encouragement and sympathy.

Learn more about God’s mercy and love in “Get Closer to God”.
Book is available at http://www.godisnear.net/book-store

If you have any questions, please email author Michelle at GetCloserToGod@live.com
Like us on facebook at www.facebook.com/GetCloserToGod


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