new-lifeIf you feel like the Lord is calling you to do something new in 2013, don’t hold back.  Move forward in faith and optimism, know that your powerful God reigns and will guard your life and will watch over you.  Be ready!! Ask Him to give you His vision and hope for the New Year.

God is so good and He is with you in every change that comes in your life.  You may be disheartened and hopeless; today we are encouraging you to live in hope!! God is alive and His power is living within you.  Remember that nothing is impossible with Him.  Keep walking through your storm. Your help is closer than you think.  Be grateful for God’s mercy and love.  Get to know God and allow Him to help you whenever you face difficulty.  Indeed, His heart brakes when He sees you hurting!!!

Perhaps you can’t see the refuge before you, but believe and continue to hope.  Life situations require a measure of hope.  Reasoning with a rebellious teenager; finding a job in a tight economy.  Trust in God and know that He has given you promises that you can rely on when you are in need of comfort and assurance. You will be uplifted and encouraged by them. When God makes a promise to you, consider it done.  He is committed to serve you.  Never stop believing.  In fact, grow stronger in faith and praise God. Trust in the Lord and in His promises.

It’s true that in the time of suffering we come to place a great value on the promises of God.  We claim them in our darkest hours and deepest struggles.  Walk with Him and understand that His promises are not just words but a reality in our life. For the New Year, let us nurture a relationship with Jesus. Make the relationship a priority each and every day. He will provide protection and comfort. It’s comforting to know we don’t walk alone.

Are you ready to go where God wants you to go? You no longer need to be chained to the past.  Instead, allow yourself to be renewed and refreshed.  Have hope in this New Year to believe God and become everything He’s called you to be. God won’t let you down. So look forward to seeing His promises fulfilled in the days ahead.


God loves you!


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