I Am Reminded!

natural_red_beautiesWe are faced daily with trials, challenges, and many life predicaments.  When catastrophe knocks on our door, we have the tendency to cave in and go astray.  We immediately question God and His love for us.  Friends, God allows the pain and the struggle in our lives so that we can get closer to him in prayer.  He wants to develop a relationship with us; He wants us to trust and believe in Him.  He wants us to remember His promise “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Wow…what an amazing God!!!

Every morning that I wake up, I am reminded of God’s love, and mercy.  I am reminded that He is with me and in me, and no matter what is going to happen on that day, God already took care of it.  I am reminded that at the end of the day God will bring me to victory.  I know that He loves me and He cares about me.  He paid full price for my sins!! I am special in His eyes.  It’s wonderful to know that God has my back and fights all battles.  Because of such I am able to keep moving and to deal with my problems. Yes, I face my situation daily with the knowledge that God will provide for my needs.  My love and faith in God is victory all the time!!!

No matter how beaten down you may feel at the moment, God’s promise is the truth and cannot lie. I made a decision to stop worrying about what if and what will happen. I made a decision to put all my trust in God! God is a God of huge plans!!! He is able and willing! We were raised by a strong Godly Lady (my mother). She is the person that I admired and looked up to.  I love her and miss her so much! I pray daily so that I too can be like my mother (a Godly woman).  Whatever comes my way in life, I will face it – triumph is mine!! It’s my inheritance.

I’ve encountered trials and hardships in life, but I never stop believing.  And with God, I go through them and on into victory because of His great favor.  I win!!!  I start each day looking at myself, my family, the published of my new book “Get Closer to God” and all the blessings that God bestows on my life and say to myself, “I have favor today, I’ve been crowned with glory and honor.” I am reminded that I am blessed and highly favored! My Lord loves me!!!

May God bless you and keep you always in His sheltering arms.  God is aware of your struggle.

Michelle M. Daniel,
Author “Get Closer To God”/ Founder of “God Is Near”


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