Does God answer prayers?

Yes! Yes many times! Some of them were to give me strength, wisdom and peace to face my daily challenges, and He did! Many prayers about my friends and family have been answered.  I’ve noticed that every time a prayer of mine is answered I always get more blessings than I originally asked for. I have found prayer to be a learning experience about who God is. He wants you to pray Him on a daily basis, and the more time you spend praying the more your relationship with Him grows.

We as humans can’t wait for God to answer our prayers.  We become discouraged, lose faith and want to give up.  Sometimes you just have to be patient and wait on the Lord’s answer.   You need to know that God knows your heart and He loves you.  When you pray, you’re not pointing out anything new to God. He does not need you to remind Him of your needs. He knows you! Prayer is a way of communicating with God. Prayer helps us refine and affirm what we want out of life. It’s a process to really talk to God!

When you are in a relationship with God, you understand that God is always teaching you.  He has three answers for you: Yes, No, Wait!  Listen to Him.  Many times God sends us what we truly need, but we don’t recognize it because it’s not what we want.  So before you ask, make sure what you are requesting is really the right thing.  To pray properly, you have to put your trust in God and understand that He has our best interests at heart. Let His will be done!

To really talk to God, you need to know He is willing and able to do it all. Understand that God wants to help you. Anything that you could ask Him for is small compared to what He has already given to you.  By not answering you, God is telling you that you’ve got a problem that you need to change.  The problem can easily be holding onto past hurt and/or the inability to forgive others.  Once you focus on the fact that the Almighty wants everything good for you, and focus on changing your heart, God will move mountains to answer your prayer.

God is always waiting for your call. The lines are open. Toll-Free. Pick up the phone today.

God Bless you all,
Michelle M. Daniel


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