God it hurts!

Don’t you sometimes want to just give up because the pain of life is too unbearable? Don’t you want to just dig a whole and hide? You may even have the feeling of abandonment, loneliness, and discouragement. You’ve hit rock bottom! God it hurts!

We want to share with you today God’s love, grace and mercy. We want to remind you of His promise – “I will never leave or forsake you.” He is true to His promise!! God is with you and in you always. He sees the pain you are enduring. He hears your cry for help. He knows your deepest thoughts and feelings. He knows you by your first name. He loves you. You need to keep going and not give up because slowly the pain of life will diminish and you will see the glory of God. A miracle will happen; the battle will be over and victory will be yours. Hold on – God’s help is coming! Friends don’t forget that Jesus Christ walked in your shoes. He knows and understands the pain of life. He faced betrayal, loneliness, humiliation, and then crucified on a cross. So when you tell God “it hurts”, rest assure that He understands and He knows what to do. You simply have to hold on a little longer; pray, believe and have faith. Stay calm; remain positive and cheerful. This too shall pass!

We all will be facing trials and difficulties at one point in our journey of life. It may be: health, financial hardship, lost of a loved one, drugs and /or alcohol addictions, depression. Unfortunately, we cannot escape from life disaster; ready or not, you will experience the hurt! Amazingly, God allows the pain so that we can develop a trusting relationship with Him. He wants us to put our troubles at the foot of the cross! He wants us to know that His son, Jesus Christ, walked our path and to accept Him as our Lord and Savior. We do not know when the pain of life will take place but we know that God will be there waiting for us. Do not be stuck in your own limited view. Offer your problems to God for its resolution with faith that the solution will come. Be focused, and patient! God loves you.

When serious problems come your way and you reach the end of your rope, look to the Heavenly Father for strength and comfort. He will extend the rope. You will never be defeated with Him by your side! There is no problem that does not have a key. Prayer is you key! Trust and believe.

God bless you all!


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