God took my hands and comfort me

I want to share this with you all.  Don’t give up when you are going through difficult time, you must keep moving!  God and your love ones are depending on you.  Trust … Faith … Believe!!!!

When life beats down on you and you get to the place where you want to hide, GOD will place people around you who will move you in the right direction. God is good; He does not want you to remain in the place of discouragement.  He will provide for you as long as you are faithful to Him.  Whatever the pain, you need to know that God is waiting to give you His grace and send you His love. God knows your every heartache, your every fear and He sees every tear.

I recall when I lost my parents how tough it was. It seemed that I was not going to make it but God took my hands and comfort me.  I didn’t totally understand at that time why my parents were gone and what was going on, but now I know that God prepared a place for them in heaven and it was time for them to go HOME! The lost of my parents changed my perspective towards life.  God gave me His strength to deal with the difficult times. He helped me to keep moving and my attitude moved from discouragement to praise.

A relationship with God is the most important relationship you can have. In Him, you find peace, comfort and strength.  When you are close to God, you are no longer lost, you know where and how to start all over again.  It is when you move past discouragement to praise that you begin living above your problems.  Make a decision today to get out of the whole to move on and never give up.

God loves you!! He died so that you can have eternal life. Be inspired!!

May the Lord bless each and every one of you.


Founder of God is Near Online Ministry
Author of Get Closer to God


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