Life is short; embrace it.

Sure, life can be stressful and bad things happen to you from time to time, but life is God’s greatest gift to us  and we must enjoy it freely.   You need to embrace life and live everyday as if it were your last day on earth. God always provide us with new opportunities, and hope for the future. He wants us to have a zest for life. Today make it your mission to live life to the fullest. Laugh!!! Dance!!! Be Happy!!! You cannot protect yourself from life; you just have to leave it. Keep on smiling and you will notice a turn-around in your life. Embrace life and be grateful!

Life is a precious gift!! This is why it is essential to live everyday to the fullest.  You need to be grateful for every second you live. Every day you wake up, thank God for allowing you to do so because many slept the same night you slept, but in the morning they couldn’t wake up. It is not because you are better than those people, it just that God allowed you in his endless mercy to wake up again. God gave you a new day; a new gift of life.  This makes life extremely valuable and we need to be grateful!

You only have one life to live so with God’s help and grace, live it to the fullest. Run the race which God has placed you on daily and to the best of your ability. Be the person that He wants you to be.  Be kind and loving to others. Think of a way to use your gifts and talents to make a difference in other people’s lives. Love yourself and do things which you will not regret. Set goals, dreams, and work towards them. Expect good things to happen!! Be grateful for what you have in life.  My friends, remember to ask for God’s guidance every single day.

Go and take the time to enjoy your life!! Life is short, do it now.

Be happy … you are alive!!


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