Deal with it … Don’t give up

The worst thing you can do is to give up when faced with adversity.  No matter how much you love the Lord, crisis will come to your door.  You cannot prevent it.  The pain eventually comes knocking on every door.  Call out and trust on the Lord! He walks with us during times of suffering and He gives us the strength to deal with our problems.  Many times it’s easier to give up rather than dealing with our difficulties.  We need to realize that the pain is temporary and God is feeding us with His many blessings. Never stop trusting and believing in God.  He will provide!!

God doesn’t want us to be perfect. He wants us to keep trying and to get better. If you are not a better person than you were last year, you are not growing spiritually.  You need to make a change. Pray and ask God for help.  Don’t sweep your problems under the rug and hoping that it will go away. Trust and believe that it won’t! Go to God for strength. Ask Him in faith to change your life.

The sickness look big, lack of employment, the financial difficulties are too overwhelming.  Don’t let them crush you, put all your problems at the foot of the cross and don’t give up.  You and the Lord will deal with them.  The problems are no match for God. He has the power to change your situation. Remember that it is by faith that we walk and not by sight.  Don’t see your obstacles as challenges but as victory of God.  No obstacles are too big.  God equipped and power you with the knowledge and talents to deal with crisis. Deal with it and don’t give up!

God bless you all.


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