Jesus will set you free

Whatever you are struggling with, Jesus will set you free! He loves you and needs to set you free. Call on Him now, He will hear you. He will not reject you no matter who you are or what you have done.  Jesus will set you free!  Whatever is destroying your life is not the will of God! He loves you and He wants the best for you.

When life gives you more stress than you can handle.  God is always there and ready to help. He never turned down one person that asked for help! He’ll help you find the grace you need to deal with the pressures and problems of daily life. Remember that God is never “too busy” to hear from you.  You are not alone!

When you’re locked up with fear and you may be wondering if God cares, we are here to tell you that Jesus has the keys to unlock the jail cell. He loves you and He will deliver you! Jesus died for our sins and in doing so He sets us free from them as well. In fact, we still are slaves to this world unless we let Him set us free. Jesus came to set us free from past hurts, mistakes, guilt and unforgiveness!

Through prayers you can get a great sense of peace in good times and comfort in bad times. The more you pray the more you can grow in strength and joy. Prayers do wonders for your peace of mind and when misfortunes or tragedies hit us, we can resist them better with God’s help. And with day-today problems, prayers can help turn mountains back into molehills. There are times you might feel you just can’t think, that there are too many distractions, or perhaps you feel God’s not there. Pray anyway!! Prayer can give you the grace to deal with all difficulties easier.  It’s no accident that you are reading this blog today–God is calling and He wants you to listen.

My friends, prayers can do wonders for your soul. It will help you find peace, love and hope.  Let us pray for you.  Hence, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Go to the prayer page and submit your prayer request today.

Jesus calls you to be free, are you listening?


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