Finding strength from God

During these difficult times and challenges, many people are looking for the inner strength to help them make it through the day, or the week. God wants you to choose Him as your source of strength. Rely on God’s help and He will carry you through. If you’ve never made a choice to turn to God when you’ve needed strength and guidance, trust in Him now. He wants to come to your aid. When you seek strength from God you can make it through tough times!

To receive the strength that God provides is to believe and trust that He will carry us through our own battles. We need to stay connected with God, and prayer is one of the primary ways. Staying closely connected with God really makes all the difference; He is our strength and power. No matter how heavy your load is, you never carry it alone!

If you focus on life’s challenges and your opposition in the battles you face, you are likely to lose hope and give up.  But when you stay in God’s presence and keep the focus on him, He will give you confidence and the strength you need. Remember, with God all things are possible! God wants to lead you out of any bondage or struggle you may be in.

Go to God in prayer and ask Him for strength and guidance. It is easier to get through any situation if it is first brought to God with humble prayer.

God bless you all!


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