Reviewing Your Day

At the end of each day, you need to sit quietly and reflect on the day’s activities and how well you did to remember God’s promises.  You need time alone with God to share what’s on your heart, your feelings, your concerns and your thoughts.  Whether it takes five minutes or thirty minutes, you need the quiet time to review your day and goals with God.  It is very easy to set goals, but if you don’t look at your goals every day, you will never accomplish them.  We encourage you to make time daily to review your life purpose and be sure to reflect on what does God want to accomplish through you in His vision for your life.  It’s easy to get sidetracked so always keep your goals and God’s big idea for your life in front of you!

Review your day and give thanks to God for His gifts. Your life, family, friends, food, shelter and job are all gifts from God.  Recall God’s love for us! He loves us more than we ever can imagine. This is the greatest gift of God to us and we need to thank Him for loving us. Pause and express your gratitude!

Here are some sample questions you may want to think about when reviewing your day. We want to share them with you.

1. Did you smile, as often as possible?

2. Did you tell someone you love them, and mean it?

3. Did you freely choose a course to help others?

4. What did you do for good deeds today?

In addition, think about opportunities you had to grow in faith, hope, and charity. When you think about why you did or did not take advantage of these opportunities, you can become aware of how you can change for the future. Remember that doing good deeds not only affects those around you but also improves your own emotional well-being. And each time you perform some small act of kindness, God rewards you with countless blessings. That should be incentive enough.

Ask God to help you as you look forward to a new day tomorrow.

God bless you all!


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