Only God will take the pain away

When you are hurting you don’t feel God’s presence, He seems so distant! It is hard for you to think of Him much less pray to Him in your pain and suffering. You may feel that He has deserted you because of the weight of your afflictions. He doesn’t seem to answer your cry for help! Friends, we are here to tell you that even if you don’t feel God when you are hurting, you need to realize no matter what suffering you are experiencing He is with you!  You are not alone.

The pain may seem unbearable at times, but God heals everything. He is preparing you for greatness, but you must be willing to allow Him to take you through His process.  God was, and is with you as you suffer. So take strength in knowing that as you suffer He is suffering too.

Remember that when God seems silent or not there in your suffering, He hasn’t forsaken you! We all forget at times that Jesus experienced all the hurt and pain we have had when He died on the cross for us. Therefore, He understands and wants to be a part of everything in your life. He also has never asked you to go through anything He hasn’t. We encourage you to patiently endure the pain and suffering because God is always present and wants to sympathize with you in your trials.

Do not leave God out of your suffering, let Him take control of your life. God loves you and He wants to comfort you. God brings hope and peace. Never be afraid to face your trials because Jesus paid the price for you on the cross!  Unfortunately, the pain, suffering and the trials will not disappear or vanish but things will get better.  God will help you figure this out.

Yes….this too shall pass.

God bless you all!


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