Have Faith in God

Faith is trusting God when things don’t turn out the way we expect and know that He will provide. God is real! We need to know and trust Him. There are going to be pain and suffering that we have to endure and our faith in God will prepare us for the challenges that are coming. What is nice to know is that as long as we have faith in God we can make it through any hardship that comes our way. It’s all about faith and believing that God will protect us and be there for us. God is responsible for taking care of everything that needs to happen in our life.

Faith is a gift that comes as a result of knowing God. If you will come to Him, He will give you the faith that you need. Without faith it is impossible to seek God and to keep coming to Him day by day. Faith is to believe that God exists and His way is different. If you truly believe you will follow Him. In other words, if you believe something, you will act on it and if you don’t believe it, you will not act on it.

Faith is to believe in God’s promises. If you claim to have faith, God will reveal His plans for your life. Only then will we see the promise fulfilled. We must have faith and trust God. We must believe that God will do what He has already promised to do. We must get to know Him and trust Him with our life.

Faith is to trust that He will come through for us and that He will keep all the promises He has made to us. We must learn to trust Him to run our life and to make all of our plans. The rewards for having faith are great! You will find peace, joy, lack of fear for the future, calmness and self-control. Your life will never again feel like it’s out of control. You will know that God is always in control of your life.

Don’t let this passing world get the best of you and drag you down with it, it is not worth it. Keep your faith in God.  God bless you.


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