Pray and stand back

The sooner you realize that only God has the power to change things, the sooner you will learn to rest and rely on Him for what you need. Pray and stand back! Many times we use prayer as a mean to get us out of trouble, but not as a mean to stay in God’s presence.  Prayer is what makes God pay attention. When we pray God listens and responds.

Instead of using prayer as a life saver we should use prayer as a life style. Take time to pray on a daily basis. There would be significant changes in our lives if we prayed more.  What is so cool about prayer is that God is the one doing all the hard work and not us.  Prayer can make things happen so stop trying to do what only God can do and start doing what you can…. PRAY… PRAY.

Maybe you are going through a time of trial, turmoil, or feel like your ship is sinking and you are drowning; if yes, we encourage you to give in to God’s request today and pray.  Things change when we pray.

We want you to know that if something is important to you, it is also important to God. He wants to be involved in your life and lead you by the hand.  God wants a relationship with you; let’s leave the heavy lifting to Him. Persist and insist in prayer and wait for God to change your life.

 Stop straining and start Praying.


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