It is never too late to change your life

Whether we know it or not, we all have addictions. Some are more obvious than others and they all have differing levels of damage, but the common thread is that we are trying to fill a void in our lives, whether big or small. It can simply be eating chocolate or candies when we are unhappy or discouraged to release the pain we are having.  But to deal with these addictions we have to let go of our past failings that are keeping us from succeeding.  Whether we’ve lost our confidence or feel discouraged because things didn’t go the way we’d hoped, we need to address those things that are always nagging us with negative notions of our ability to move one.  If we don’t leave the past behind, we are doomed and we will repeat our mistakes. Don’t hold on to the past, let it go and move on.  God can clear a pathway for you and change your life.

For those who find themselves in a pit of despair, we encourage you to focus on your direction and not your current place on the map. Life is beautiful and a blessing.  It is never too late to change your life so make your own choices and choose to live the life God meant for you.  We all make mistakes and have to deal with the consequences, but that doesn’t mean we can’t decide to take control and steer ourselves toward a more positive future. Stop focusing on the mistakes you’ve made and plan for a better future.  Start challenging yourself and know that you can always move ahead. It’s all about choice and about the direction you’re headed. Change your way of thinking and you will change your life.

You can’t undo the past, but it can make you stronger. Be thankful for every change, for every heart break, for every scar. Don’t sit around and try to change your past when you have your entire future to look forward to.

Stop and Pray for a new start.  Enjoy your life!


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