Patience and Hope

Many times we do not see or feel the Lord is because we are not waiting on Him for help.  We lose patience and hope! We are on our own timetable, running madly ahead of God and hoping He will catch up to our plans. But that is not how God works. He doesn’t change just because we are indecisive and He does not hurry just because we are impatient. God has His own timing.

We do not doubt that your trial is real, that your burden is heavy, or that your discouragement is deep. But wait courageously on the Lord so He will give you strength and courage. God is never late and He is never insufficient.  Wait on the Lord. The trial may not go away tomorrow, but God’s love and grace will strengthen you and the pain will diminish. Do not worry about anything, because the Lord will be a refuge, a shelter, a hiding place in times of trouble.

Trouble is a part of life and it often is overwhelming.  When struggling with trials, sickness, and losses you must remember that God is working in your life even when you cannot understand His plans.  You may think your trouble is too great, that there is no hope, but God is the God of hope and it is to Him that you must turn.  To have patience and hope bring you to believe nothing is too hard for Him.

We need to learn patience because when we face trials that are outside of our control, whether we want to or not, we have to wait on the Lord.

We need to wait on the Lord for help.


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