Take courage and fear not

Fear can paralyze and trap us, especially in the face of tragedy, uncertainty and circumstances beyond our control. Dealing with fear is one of the toughest problems we face and we can only be successful if we trust God.  We have to turn our fears over to God, remembering that He is all-power, all-knowing, and always in control. God is a loving father who never expects us to do something we’re incapable of doing. He either equips us for the task or steps in to help us do it.

Don’t be afraid. Replace the fear thoughts with prayer and confidence in God. If we’re praying and thanking God for his help, we can’t be thinking about fear at the same time. Fear is a lifelong battle, but God is our lifelong protector and He understands.  He promised to never abandon or forsake us. By holding tightly to God, no matter what, we will make it through, in spite of our fear. It’s always going to be a struggle for us and Jesus knows that. He knows firsthand what fear is like because of that awful night in Gethsemane.

Fear has trapped and consumed us for too long.  We are tired of living under the weight of our fears so let God’s love and power replace these fears.  Be willing to receive the peace that only He can give.  Let us ask God to still our troubled heart.

Take courage …. We don’t have to be afraid.


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