Don’t give up on God!

Do you feel like losing hope and just want to give up on God? We want to tell you to hold on and don’t give up! God is near. Everyone reading this post is going through something right now and is waiting for an answer. You may not understand it but God knows just how to care for you and He loves you.  Trust that He is shaping you into someone beautiful and honorable.

God knows the situation you’re facing now. He wants you to know that the waiting period is almost over and all you have to do is confirm your faith in Him.  There are doors opening up for you right now, there are prayers being answered so hang on for a little longer and don’t give up on God.  Trust that God knows how much you are suffering.  He knows the sleepless nights that you’ve spent praying and crying out to Him. God knows and He is going to set you free. You’re going to come out of your bad situation!  However, God may not come when you want Him but He is always on time!  Stop worrying about how long it is taking God to move in your situation and start trusting Him. Remember, God loves you!

Some of you may feel like it’s too late and it’s all over, but God is about to change your situation! Don’t let go of your faith and don’t give up on Him.  He is coming to deliver you!  It is so important to know that God will never let you down, He loves you. He knows what you are going through in your life and He is right there with you.  You shouldn’t give up on Him, He is standing with you.

God aches for you, and He wants to be your comforter. Please don’t give up on Him. After all, He’ll never give up on you!

Don’t give up!


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