God feels our pain

Yes, God knows when we are hurting. Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen when they do but God knows. God could simply be testing our faith or just have a new plan for us. God loves us and when we need him He will be there. Sadly the only time we turn to him is when we want something or something bad had happened! We have to remember that we serve an awesome God that can do miraculous things and as long as we put our lives in his hands we will be taken care of.

Jesus also understands our struggles. With his suffering and crucifixion, nobody has suffered more than Jesus so go to him with your hurts, sufferings, problems, and issues. Jesus doesn’t wish for us to suffer. He will take care of us and heal our wounds, just have faith and pray!

You may feel like giving up but we want to encourage you and let you know that you’re not alone. Your help comes from the Lord. Turn to God, He will provide you with the peace and mindset needed to positively and faithfully get through the transition you’re in.

Smile Jesus Loves You.


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