God’s Love

God’s love is very different from human love. His love is not based on feelings or emotions. He doesn’t love us because we’re lovable or because we make Him feel good, He loves us because He is love. God is Love, and His love is unconditional! He loves us so much that He sacrificed His own and only son, Jesus Christ to restore our relationship with Him.  God is waiting for us to receive his love so let’s recognize his love today.

God’s love is true and reliable, however sometimes we don’t feel worthy to be loved by Him. Sometimes because of things that happened in our past we think God could never love us but He loves us with all our faults and hatred hearts.  We need to really be willing to accept His love.

The model of unconditional love that is as close to God’s unconditional love is the love that parents have for their children. Parents love their children through good times and bad, and don’t stop loving them when they don’t meet the expectations the parents may have for them. Parents love their children no matter what the situation is!  This is comparable to God’s love for us.

We must individually receive God’s love in our lives and then we can know the experience of His love and plan for our lives.

God’s love is an amazing experience!


4 thoughts on “God’s Love

  1. Wow.. I love this blog, so many people in the real world does not believe in the power of God. How powerful this man is and his existence.

    • Yes God is a powerful and a loving man. We all need God in our daily lives and we cannot continue to function without His presence. He loves us so much! Yet the world still refusing to understand and accept His love.

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