Sometimes we just need to be reminded!

We all face disappointments and pit falls at some point in life. During the difficulties and struggles, we get so caught up in the negative situations that we find ourselves not appreciating the more positive aspects of our lives. Life becomes unpredictable and we even consider of giving up in general! On the other hand, we’ve lost a lot of control of our lives. It’s often too easy to focus on the distress and frustrations of our life that we cannot be grateful for God’s many blessings.   His greatest blessing is our family!

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are blessed and loved! How often do we pause to appreciate what we have in life? How can we not be happy just to have what we have? How can we not see and understand that having a home, days spend with family and friends are blessings?  Life doesn’t always go as planned and sometimes right where we are is where we find we’re truly happy. We can add happiness to our lives each day!

If we don’t make an effort to appreciate what we have, we can’t think about the great things we’ve accomplished.   Be grateful and thankful for what we have.  No matter how difficult and complicated life is, we can be thankful that we are here to have that day. We can be grateful for God’s love, our family, our friends and our health.  We definitely can appreciate the small and everyday things! We may be far from having everything we want in life, but by appreciating what we have now, we can be happier while we’re working on achieving more.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that God loves us and he cares.  We can be certain that God will help us to recognize the difference between situations we can control and those we can’t.  He can help us believing in our own ability to get what we really want and appreciate how far we’ve come. We have not been abandoned by God; we are the object of His constant care and attention.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded of how special we are and how much we deserve to be treated well. We need to be happy and grateful for the life that God gave us because he has such big plans for us.

God bless!


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