The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness plays a very important part in our relationship with God however we do not have the forgiving attitude and the willingness to forgive.  When we are betrayed by a love one, the genuine aspect of human nature is to seek revenge. We transformed our mind, body and spirit into retaliation.  We’ve become enslaved of our hatred heart.  We’ve lost our inner peace and happiness!

Forgiveness is a gift from God.  It is the key to healing and unlocking the prison gate to freedom. Do not let those who have wronged us take away our gift and our sovereignty.  Do not let them ruin our lives! They may win the battle but we are winning the war!  We must forgive others no matter what they have done. When we forgive we reclaim control of our happiness and self worth.  Only we can be responsible for that!

Forgiving those who have wronged us is rewarding; it brings us joy, happiness and peace of mind.  We may need time to work through the pain we endured but we shouldn’t find reasons for postponing forgiveness. We cannot hold grudges for a lifetime! Forgiveness is a choice that we have to make now because if we wait until we feel like forgiving it will never happen.

You need to let go of the past hurt and allow yourself to accept the gift of forgiveness! Let God’s unconditional love open the door to your heart so that you can have a Christ-like attitude to forgive.

Let go of the old grudge you’re carrying around and move on!

God Bless You!


6 thoughts on “The Power of Forgiveness

  1. Great topic. I struggle with the issue of forgivenes all of the time. Do you think we, as humans, are really able to forgive? I ask this because the more I think about it, the more it seems like the impossible. Lets think of the phrase “forgive and forget”. You will never really forget what someone has done to you. With that being said, let me offer an example; If a friend slaps me in the face, and I “forgive” them, it doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten. The bible says to turn and offer them your other cheek. Even if I turn and offer the other cheek, I’m weary of the fact that you have struck me before. In this case, I haven’t really forgiven you, because its something that will always be on my mind, or that I will be reminded of in a similar situation. It is human nature/instinct to want to protect yourself. I don’t mean this to sound argumentative or disrespectful in any way, its just a topic that really hits home for me, and I would love to have your insight on this.

    • Wonderful comments and thank you for sharing. Forgiveness is a struggle for many people. God understands and ask us to pray daily for a loving and forgiving heart. Forgiveness is a gift and a process. Yes people are able to forgive as long as they are willing to accept the gift of forgiveness. Once we receive it, the process begins and gradually we are able to let go of the pain. Forgiveness is possible but very difficult because we have to make tremendous changes. When you have the forgiving heart, you really forgive and forget what someone has done to you. If you are remembering the situation, it means that you’ve never forgiven the person and you are at a standstill. Let go of the pain and start the healing process. Remember that forgiveness follow with trust! After forgiving you need to start trusting the person. Again, this is a process and it is done with prayer and a loving heart. If you forgive someone you, don’t hold it over their head.

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